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Bur Dubai Guide: Spend Less, Do More

Welcome To Bur Dubai

Bur-Dubai-Bastakia-QuarterBur Dubai is the historic district in the city. A literal translation means ‘Mainland Dubai’. There are many attractions to be found in the region, including the Grand Mosque and the city’s only Hindu Temple. The area is also home to several top class hotels offering luxury accommodation and fabulous amenities in beautiful surroundings. Many of the multi storey hotels offer panoramic views across the city and the location means they are suitable for both business and tourist guests. 

Top 3 Attractions

  1. Souks can be found all over the city selling everything from foodstuffs to fabrics. Bargain gifts can be found at many of the souks, and just browsing and soaking up the atmosphere is a great way to spend some time. 
  2. Take a desert safari while staying in the city. Most offer an all included package so food and soft drinks are included for no extra cost. 
  3. Visiting mosques can be fun, but going at night when they are illuminated is a wonderfully breath-taking experience. 

Where to Stay: Dubai Hotels  

Dubai accommodation is plentiful. There are many hotels in the city to suit every budget. Cheap hotels in Dubai still offer an excellent level of service and comfort with all the amenities expected of a good value hotel. Many Dubai hotels are located close to popular tourist attractions and parks and are ideal for business users as well as holidaymakers. 


Alcohol is not freely available in Dubai and is usually only served in hotel bars. The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 but most clubs have a minimum age limit of 25 for anyone wishing to enter. Alcohol can also be very expensive to buy. Clubs and discos must close by 3am and some will have a dress code to adherer to, but generally dress code is fairly relaxed. Most clubs and bars will be closed on Monday nights.

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