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Welcome to the 3rd Arrondissement

3rd-Arr-Place-des-VosgesOne of the smaller arrondissements in Paris and situated right on the River Seine. This quiet part of the ancient Marais neighbourhood is host to open air flea markets and specialty food stores, museums which among others include the Musée Picasso. It is often referred to as the one of the trendiest parts of the city. Given that the area is so small, a tour will likely incorporate some of the nearby arrondissements at the same time,

Explore the neighbourhood at no expense…

Wandering around this arrondissement will provide you with an opportunity to visit the Place des Vosges, a peaceful and beautiful square incorporating 17th century architecture featuring art galleries and an assortment of restaurants offering fabulous French cuisine. Another great place to head to is the Monoprix, a grocery store and supermarket where you will find everything from French cheese, mustards and jams to scented soaps, kitchen towels and inexpensive clothing which provide ideal souvenirs. And you simply mustn’t leave this neighbourhood without a visit to Le Marché des Enfants Rouges. Dating back to the early 1600s, this is one of the oldest covered farmers markets in the city comprising food stalls which sell fresh bread, seafood, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Fancy a coffee and more?

Embark on a bike ride through the area, where you will learn even more about what it’s like to be a Parisian. Your energetic tour is concludes with a visit to one of the many traditional French cafés in the area. Or for something a little different, make your way to Paris’ first Le Café des Chats. Based upon an idea hailing from Japan, it’s a theme style café in which you will find yourself surrounded by affectionate, purring lap cats. Of course you will find a selection of cakes and pastries as well but the main attraction is the company.

Or simply enjoy the cuisine

If you’re after more adult fun during the day, there is no better place to start then with wine and cheese. One of the best places to start is in a traditional Paris cheese cellar where you will step into your protective suit (designed to protect the delicate cheeses which surround you), engage with a knowledgeable Fromager (cheese monger) guide and treat your taste buds to the pairing of these traditional French favourites.

And when real hunger strikes, some of the best restaurants and bistros to visit include Au Bourguignon Du Marais, La Place Royale and Dessance. With a wide assortment of gourmet, traditional and Parisian menus you won’t find it hard to locate a meal to entice. Or for something a little different, one of the trendiest places to eat is at Derriere where there are a variety of places to ‘sit’. It’s a cozy and atmospheric and decorative restaurant which offers great modern French food and good service in unique surrounds. You enter the restaurant through a wardrobe into a salon complete with a ping pong table for family fun or an abundance of quirky rooms for more mature interactions.

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