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Welcome to the 20th Arrondissement

20th-Arr-Belleville-ParkThe 20th arrondissement is located on the right bank of the river Seine and is the largest arrondissement in the city. Traditionally know as a working class neighbourhood it is known for being less touristy and a lot more Parisian than other areas in the city. This is not to suggest that there is nothing to do here. With plenty of restaurants offering traditional French cuisine at an affordable price, local shops and is a fine example of authentic French daily life.

Bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy some of the greatest parks in Paris

Parc de Belleville is a great place to start. Featuring a great panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower of surrounds, set within an array of beautiful flower beds at your feet, this is a great place to enjoy the sights and surrounds without the accompaniment of hordes of tourists by your side. On a daily basis you will find salsa dancers, local art sellers, cafés, restaurants and bars that are sure to provide you with a sunny smile.

If you are interested in exploring the culture and history of this arrondissement…

Le monte en l’air consists of a library, a number of galleries, old style bookstores and even a curiosity shop which provide a wide range of activities and exhibitions catering to a wide range of interests. If you are there at the right time, you may even be treated to a live music concert or meet an author at a book signing in this area.

20th-Arr-Pere-lachaise-cemetaryAlso worth a visit is Pere Lachaise Cemetery, one of the largest in the city of Paris. Situated on a hill with beautiful views of Paris, it houses the gravesites of many notable composers, actors and writers surrounded by cobblestone lanes, statues and mausoleums.

Prefer to do a little more shopping?

While this neighbourhood is not traditionally known for shopping, that is not to suggest that there aren’t a range of options should you choose to explore your passion for retail therapy. The Montreuil Flea Market is located in the suburb of the same name and is great for vintage and unique finds. Alternatively, Le Marche de Belleville is a great North American market which is known for its tempting flavoured foods and spiced cooking ingredients. Here you may also find an interesting souvenir to take home.

And afterwards, head to some of the best restaurants to be found in this arrondissement

Gourmet cuisine has only recently gained popularity in this area, with most tourists heading further away for their fine dining experience. But if you prefer to stay local, a few restaurants have been established at which you are sure to find something to entice. Consider Chatomat, a password driven restaurant (which is easy to find through a quick google search) to be whispered to your wait staff, after which your chef will provide you with a delicious assortment of dishes of the day. Another great alternative in the area is Triplettes bar and bistro. Afterwards, for some local nightlife try Lou Pascalou which hosts a range of Jazz, Blues and Latin concerts. Check the website for upcoming events.

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